Seroyal – Selenim + E 60 tabs


Selenium + E contains two extremely valuable antioxidants, selenium and vitamin E, synergistically combined for maximizing their potential in the prevention.


Selenium + E by Seroyal is a natural multivitamin and mineral supplement that may reduce high levels of toxicity in your body’s cells and keep them strong. Taking this supplement might help reduce your risk of suffering from some of the symptoms that accompany free radical damage. Each tablet provides you with a potent combination of antioxidants‚ thanks to the following active ingredients:

    • Selenium to promote tissue health by working to prevent cell damage from free radicals
    • Vitamin E to potentially support heart health and good vision‚ decrease inflammation‚ and lessen visible signs of aging

This 60-tablet bottle of Seroyal’s Selenium + E will last you for approximately two months when taken at the recommended dosage of one tablet per day with a meal‚ unless otherwise recommended by your health care provider.