Neurofunctional electroacupuncture treatments are easy to replicate using a neurofunctional diagnostic approach. A neurofunctional diagnostic approach does not seek a single hypothetical source of pain; instead, it investigates, clinically, the most common levels of dysfunction associated with a given pain problem, namely neurological, biomechanical, muscular, metabolic, and psychoemotional levels.
Clinical examination aims to determine, among other things, which muscles are neurologically inhibited and which are weak due to atrophy; which tissues have lost normal texture; which kinetic chains are not working properly; and which peripheral nerves have developed mechanosensitivity. Understanding all these aspects allows the practitioner to design a truly individualized integrated neurofunctional treatment plan.

Conditions that treated with Neurofunctional acupuncture include:

  • sports related injuries
  • chronic pain
  • headaches, migraines
  • sciatica
  • digestive disorder
  • menstrual and reproductive problems
  • respiratory
  • stress

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Consultation  is  $50

Treatment Session  $85   30 – 45 minutes