Kama Sutra – Weekender Kits




Available in Six Flavours

Your weekend getaways just got naughtier! Kama Sutra’s Weekender Kit offers you the perfect solution for erotic play on-the-go. The travel-sized kit includes mini trial sizes of all your Kama Sutra favourites – such as Oil of Love, Love Liquid, Sensual Massage Oil and Honey Dust. A pack of 6 erotic playing cards complete the kit, and the whole set is TSA approved to store in your bag or luggage on long distance travels.

Love Liquid: A water-based personal lubricant that makes love-making effortless. The luxurious formula provides a smooth, natural feel for enhanced pleasure. The long-lasting lubricant has a silky glide and is fragrance free.

Oil of Love:A water-based kissable foreplay oil that activates a warming sensation on the skin upon light breath. Best used on erogenous zones of the body and has an included dropper for application.

Aromatics Massage Oil: Kama Sutra’s skin nourishing massage oil made with essential oils and Vitamin E for an ultra-moisturizing and silky smooth feel.

Honey Dust:This kissable body powder can be used anywhere on the body and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and deliciously scented.

Erotic Playing Cards: Six playing cards featuring positions, actions, questions and commands for a naughty-good-time in the bedroom.

Key Features:

-Weekender Kit

-Oil of Love

-Love Liquid Lubricant

-Aromatics Massage Oil

-Honey Dust

-6 Erotic Playing Cards


-Ideal for Weekend Getaways

-TSA Approved