Essential Oils – Cinnamon Leaf



Even though the oils both originate from the same genus of tree (Cinnamomum verum), both oils are produced from different parts of the plant. This means that they have different chemical compositions (albeit a minor difference) and can be used to treat different ailments, illnesses and parts of your body.

As the name describes, Cinnamon Leaf oil is derived from the leaf of the cinnamon tree, and is more mild and cost-effective than oil produced from the bark of the tree. This makes it more suitable for regular and medicinal uses.

  • boosts heart health.
  • decreases inflammation.
  • helps with weight loss.
  • reduces blood sugar.
  • fights infections like sore throats.
  • decreases bad cholesterol.
  • high antioxidant content.
  • stimulates the immune systems

Warm,spicy scent