Essential Oil Amyris




Often referred to as the “poor man’s Sandalwood”

Amyris essential oil is derived from the Amyris tree, botanically known as Amyris balsamifera, which is part of the Rutaceae family. The tree originated in the West Indies and is now cultivated in South and Central America. The Amyris tree can grow to be up to 60 feet (18 meters) tall and produces beautiful white flowers that develop into dark blue edible fruits

Amyris essential oil is steam distilled from the bark of Amyris balsamifera. The resulting oil is pale yellow in color and has a woody, balsamic aroma with hints of vanilla. Amyris essential oil has anti-anxiety, antiseptic, cicatrizant, and sedative properties.


Benefits of Amyris OilAmyris oil has antiseptic, sedative, decongestant and emollient properties. It is beneficial for calming your mind, and for muscle relaxation, 12 as well as helping minimize stress, tension and anxiety.


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