China Similiaplex – Pascoe



Clinical indications: Diarrhea, “left-sided” conditions.  Venous congestion with disposition to sludge and thrombus formation, consumption coagulopathy, and viral infections, especially in adults.  Spleen enlargement with stabbing pains and aches, aggravation of symptoms after meals, improvement when stomach is empty.  Abdominal pain of various organs.

Constitutional indications:  Nails: Flat, round nails, nails with holes and pits according to Issberner-Haldane

Medicinal ingredients
100 g (= 107 ml) contains:  

China 4X    40g
Ceanothus americanus 2X    10g
Grindelia robusta 3X    10g
Lachesis 8X    10g
Crotalus 8X    10g
Taraxacum 4X    10g
Carduus marianus Ø    10g

Contains 60% vol. alcohol.

Dosage and administration
Adults, children ≥ 12 years: 10-30 drops 1-3 times daily. Children (ages 6-11): 5-15 drops 1-3 times daily. Children (ages 1-5): 5-10 drops 1-3 times daily. Acute: every 15-60 min up to 12 times/day or until improvement of symptoms.


Hypersensitiivty to quinine.  Hypersensitivity to the compositae family of plants.  Consult a health care practitioner before use if pregnant or breastfeeding.


50ML drops