Ionic Foot Detox by Aqua Chi


The original Foot Detox system.  A great way to detox your whole body and get energized.  Frees up the blood to circulate better.  Gives you more energy.


Imagine a treatment where there are no pills, no drugs and no pain!
Imagine a treatment that uses energy so natural that it doesn’t cause any side effects.
Imagine a treatment that uses a living energy,life force energy that is described by the ancient Chinese as CHI.
Through the elimination of these toxins many find that they have:

  • increased joint movement
  • joint pain relief from arthritis
  • better sleep
  • feel better and ‘lighter’
  • increase energy
  • softer and healthier skin
  • more alert
  • better memory
  • better metabolism
  • increase in muscle strength
  • less brain fog
  • less heavy metal
  • less yeast problems


1 treatment is $60

3 treatments is $160 and includes  a Health Assessment, pH and a herbal tea (extra value of $45)

10 treatments is $500 and includes a Quantum Analysis (value of $35)