Allergy Testing For Pets


Allergy Testing and Treatments for any animal or pet.  No stress involved for your pet.  Immediate results and no waiting.


Allergy Testing  for Any Animal or Pet    

This test can be performed with no stress to your pet.   The pet owner would bring in hair and saliva sample in a zip lock bag and the testing can be performed with that.    This test will look for reactions to 9400 substances and will give the owner results for food, environmental and chemical allergens.

Often skin  and respiratory issues are from food allergens and can be quickly eased.

This test will also give you an emotional status, nutritional status for vitamins and minerals, pain treatments, toxicity levels, spinal flow adjustments, electro acupuncture,  and more.   The owner will be able to ask questions and discuss options.   Treatment plans can then be offered to the client.