Massage – Deluxe Massage with Essential Oils

Massage treat clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissues of the body. With their touch, therapists relieve pain, help rehabilitate injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

Purpose. Generally, massage is delivered to improve the flow of blood and lymph (fluid in lymph glands, part of immune system), to reduce muscular tension or flaccidity, to affect the nervous system through stimulation or sedation, and to enhance tissue healing.

In the Deluxe Massage we add our most precious essential oils that are customized for each clients needs and goals for the treatment.     A short consultation will take place before your massage where the therapist and you will determine which essential oils are required.   You will have a selection of Rose, Jasmine, Frankincense, Amber, Neroli, Helichrysum, Sandalwood, Pink Lotus and more.   These are our most expensive essential oils and they will be blended up for your massage oil for this treatment.   Most of these oils are $5 per drop and you will receive all the benefits of professional aromatherapists blending these for you.